Things to Do during Your First Two Weeks Back at GU

After a nice summer break, you find yourself back at Gonzaga University for the start of the fall semester. What should you do? Here are six suggestions from someone who experienced six of these transitions:

1. Check your email frequently

Your inbox is going to be swamped, but some of these emails are actually important. Always check your email in the morning before classes during these first two weeks. Your classroom is subject to change. On at least three separate occasions, half of my class and I waited in the wrong room until we thought to look on Zagweb to see if our room number had changed. I have also experienced last-minute emails from professors about room changes.

2. Go to Pig-Out in the Park

It is a short walk to Riverfront Park and the weather is still nice. This event happens once a year and I highly recommend (unless you can’t have dairy) the huckleberry ice cream. You can eat food, listen to live music, get a henna tattoo, buy an ocarina, and/or just enjoy some time outside. For more information, visit:

3. Sign up for Retreats

Do you have syllabi from your classes? Mark in your planner/calendar/app big due dates and exams. Now find out which retreat times do not correspond to these busy weekends and sign up. Spots go quickly (especially with more students being admitted to GU). I definitely recommend Search.
Honors folk: Go to Camp Reed (unless, for some reason, that isn’t happening this year). I don’t care from whom you have to bribe a ride; you need to go for at least part of it.

4. Take Advantage of the Free Things

Is some club having an ice-cream social? Are there S’mores by the shore? Is your block having a pizza or barbecue night? Do you want to play kick ball or laser tag ?

Check your email, check the flyers around campus, and take note of anything you want to do. So many events will be happening during these first few weeks that it can be difficult to decide what you want to do. Ask what other people are doing, and join them.

5. Make Friends

This is the time of the year when everyone is open to meeting new people and making new friends. Friends are good.

6. Have a Great Year!