Okay, I obviously lied again about starting to post more. I had serious trouble coming up with an idea for this year’s NaNoWriMo (more information at nanowrimo.org). So here is an update about my writing and the future of this blog.

I was recently named one of the winners of a poetry contest and will have one of my poems on a bus. I am thankful for the opportunity, honored by the selection, and ridiculously giddy about the format (I mean: how many people get to say they had a poem on a bus?).

I have decided to participate in this year’s NaNoWriMo. I was trying to expand an idea I had into something that could be made into a novel, but I wasn’t sure that it was sustainable. This problem has been bothering me for weeks. I suddenly came up with an idea this morning (around 2 AM). It will be called The Nature of Frailty. The short synopsis: “an interplanetary novelization of Hamlet“. It is going to be ridiculous.

So where does that leave this blog? I might try to post some excerpts from the novel as I write it or note any insights I have about the writing process. Otherwise, I will start posting again in December. 



I immediately felt worse after I said that I was feeling better. I am not completely better now, but I should be back to writing soon. 


I am starting to feel better and will hopefully get some new posts up soon. Since it is back-to-school season, I may start off with some pieces of advice for my friends who are starting a new year in college.


​I am tired of limiting my word count; I will switch to an exercise called 7-Sentence Story. Once I am weary of this limitation, I will likely write with complete freedom. It is also possible that I may lengthen the interval between posts on this blog so that I may start another blog.


I will be writing short stories and adding to my final word count by 5 each time I switch word counts (e.g. I will write 5-word stories for a while, and then move on to 10-word stories). I will probably have multiple stories for each of the smaller word counts, and then a single story for the larger word counts.