About “The Magic Words”

“The Magic Words” houses the author’s experiments with selecting words and placing them in a significant order. Most of the content found here are drafts or writing exercises. The auhor seeks to improve her writing by first teaching herself to write more frequently.

The blog name “The Magic Words” refers to the fact that the author’s writing is posted so that it can be read by other people. By allowing other people to read her work, the author relinquishes control over the words and allows them to morph. The same words can create different images and effects for different readers; the way someone reacts to a work is dependent on that person’s life experiences.

Differences in images and effects can become great subjects for discussions, and similarities create connections between those who experience them. Conveying similar ideas can be done by using universal symbols or archetypes; and these elements, along with other aspects like the narrative’s events, will be nearly equivalent for every reader.

If the power of language to affect an individual in a way that is both personal/internal and interpersonal/external isn’t magical, then what is?

About the Author

Angeline Nguyen, who also goes by A.A.N., is a human female who is quickly approaching her third decade in life. She has had poetry, photography, and a short story published (mainly in university publications, but she also has a poem in Ghost Town Poetry Volume Two: An Anthology [which is available for purchase]). Once she improves her writing, she intends to submit more work for publication consideration and to start writing the novels in her head. Any questions may be directed to her via the Contact page.

About Sharing

The writing found on this blog may be shared on the condition that credit is given via a link to the original post or a citation. You may not claim any work as your own; that is known as plagiarism.