7-Sentence Story: “To Taste”

Once upon a time, in a land whose name has faded from all memory, two brothers owned a famous restaurant. And every day, people would travel for hours and bask in the smell of foreign spices that danced from the kitchen to precede plates of sculpted flavor. Until one day, a local peasant girl noticed that people who ate at the restaurant vanished within a week of their meal. Because of this, she began to investigate and discovered that no one could remember when the restaurant was built or when the brothers arrived to town. Because of this, the brothers were exposed as two malevolent creatures that mixed potions into the restaurant’s food which, after a few days in the bloodstream, made human flesh taste better. Finally, the local humans exiled the creatures by using an ancient ritual found in the diary of a deceased food critic. And ever since that day, parents in the land stopped their children’s naughty behavior by threatening to take them to dinner at a nice restaurant.


[Words: 172]
[About the Exercise]


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